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New to DeafBlind Students

I have a student who has combined hearing and vision loss, now what?


You may find resources in the National Center on Deaf-Blindness Info Center helpful.

If you’ve learned about your student joining your class or caseload during the summer months, please join us for our one-day workshop, offered in collaboration with Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District  “Understanding Deafblindness and the Role of the Intervener”. This unique training is offered in August every year to teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, educational ASL interpreters, and parents. The workshop includes videos, information about the impact of combined hearing and vision loss and the role of the intervener for teams all around Minnesota. Go to our Online Registration "MyQuickReg" page to check for registration and to join us.

I still need more ideas and support to get started, what does the Minnesota DeafBlind Project offer?

  1. Help in interpreting and understanding the impact of combined hearing and vision loss.
  2. Evidence-based practice strategies and resources.
  3. Connections for families with families and resources. Check out For Families tab to share with your student’s family.
  4. Support for teams to understand the role of the intervener.
  5. Connection to our Minnesota DeafBlind Community of Practice. Our statewide community of teacher representatives is available to support other teachers who are new to working with students with combined hearing and vision loss in their region.
  6. Follow-up onsite consultation services to tailor services and instruction to specific students.  These are called targeted services.

What about IEP goals, objectives, adaptations and services? I don’t have specific training in this area. Help!

The Minnesota DeafBlind Project is not an advocacy organization. However, we can provide guidance and suggestions for assisting with appropriate goal identification and adaptations through the lens of combined hearing and vision loss. Feel free to contact the Education Specialist, Ann Mayes.

Where can I access modules about deafblindness for my student who has combined hearing and vision loss?

The Minnesota DeafBlind Project offers facilitated cohorts for teachers and interveners using the Open Hands, Open Access (OHOA): Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules. New cohorts open for pre-registration in September and January of each year. Continuing education units (CEUs) are provided when four modules in a cohort are completed. The modules are also available for independent self-study through NCDB’s website. Decide which best fits your learning needs and schedule.

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